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If you read our first post (and we sincerely hope you did), you had a brief introduction to our SVP of Sales & Marketing and the champion of Klean Athlete, Tim Monk. We’d like to share some more information with you about Douglas Laboratories and our parent company Atrium Innovations (excuse us while we put our Douglas hat on).

For over 50 years, Douglas Laboratories has manufactured and distributed superior-quality, science based dietary supplements and have grown to become one of the world’s premier nutritional supplement providers. We began by and continue to, partner exclusively with healthcare professionals rather than over-the-counter transactions with consumer. Our focus has been on providing products to consumers under the care and supervision of a healthcare professional.

Our manufacturing, testing and distribution facilities are in Pittsburgh, PA and we have a talented team of Territory Managers, many of whom have advanced degrees in nutrition, across the United States. We can proudly say, our Pittsburgh facilities now serve as a Center for Manufacturing Excellence for many other Atrium Innovation brands.

Speaking of Atrium Innovations, Douglas Laboratories is a wholly owned subsidiary of Atrium Innovations and we are so fortunate to be a part of their family of companies. Based out of Quebec City, Atrium Innovations is a globally recognized leader in the development, manufacturing, and commercialization of innovative, science-based dietary supplements. The Atrium Family is loaded with athletes and people wanting to live an active lifestyle. An Atrium corporate function is not complete without some kind of impromptu workout before the work day begins. Healthy living permeates our entire culture!

We proudly and respectfully practice what we preach and this past weekend Atrium Innovations hosted a 60 mile bike ride along the St. Lawrence River to benefit the global initiative, The Growing Together Program. The Annual Atrium Innovations Cycling Challenge event gives us a chance to give back, challenge our sponsors and of course, show off the Atrium junior development team!

We’ll be back soon with more information on Klean Athlete, so stay tuned and stay Klean!


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