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We are very excited to be heading down to the Rocky Hill Ranch in Smithville,TX as the nutrition sponsor of Austin Rattler, for our first big event of the 2014 season .  What is even more exciting,  is two of our team members (present company included),  plan on pushing our limits with some enduro mountain bking!

What makes our jobs so awesome, is we get to live out the adage of “working hard and playing hard” at several of our events this season.  Although we won’t have the privilege of staying off of the legs prior to the race,  we will have and look forward to the opportunity to meet many new Klean Athletes and share the course on our bikes (and the water and road later in the season).

So what does a ‘Klean Executive’ plan on taking prior to and during the 100K event?  The beauty of Klean Athlete, is our focus on taking only what we need,  and I plan to stick to this strategy.  My race day strategy is simple:

  • Klean Isolate shake with plenty of greens,  beets, and bannanas to properly fuel the insides
  • Klean Multi for micro nutrient balance
  • Klean Probiotic to keep the gut strong for 4-5 hours
  • Klean Endurance 5 chewables before race start,  2 -3 half way though
  • Klean Electrolytes the final 2 hours (2-3 caps) to prevent cramping

I was lucky enough to ride the Rocky Hill Ranch course last weekend and found it to have plenty of flat and fast to take in nutrition so there will be many spots to get in your macro nutrition and drop in some Klean Endurance.  Don’t worry, there is plenty of technical to keep both hands on the bars.

It has been so enjoyable getting to know the great people at Lifetime Fitness,  the race organizer for this year’s Austin Rattler.  Lifetime Fitness has built up an exciting series of qualifiers for the Leadville 100 and are bringing a lot of fantastic resources to this exciting race series.

Best of luck to everyone racing!  If you are at the Rattler,  I invite you to stop by and say hello.  We will have plenty of Klean Electrolyte and Klean Endurance samples and can’t wait to talk some race strategy.

Guest Blogger & SVP of Sales & Marketing, Tim Monk


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