Performing at your best- Swim, Bike, Run, FUEL.

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Performing at your best- Swim, Bike, Run, FUEL.

By: Liz Baugher, Professional Triathlete,  Multisport Coach and Sponsored Klean Team Athlete

They say to perform well you must master the art of your sport. We have all heard it: the 10,000+ Hour rule, drills, dedication, and maybe a few good genes go a long way. But what about that athlete looking for that final 1%? In triathlon, they call this the 4th discipline: Nutrition.

Regardless of the distance you’re running or the caliber of athlete you are, fueling for your training and races will make a difference in your racing abilities.

Start the morning with a good snack. After sleeping and fasting for almost 10 hours, your body needs a little something to get going. This can be as small as a cup of juice or a handful of raisins. Try to find something with simple sugars and maybe a little fat/protein if you are doing a workout that’s longer (Ex: banana with some PB toast). I tend to pair this snack with a tall glass of water, a Klean Electrolyte™ capsule and a Klean Probiotic™ capsule to keep my gut healthy.

During exercise, it’s important to continue to stay hydrated throughout and eat when needed. For exercise less than an hour, I prefer to drink water, but anything longer you might want to bring a snack, energy bar or nutritional product of choice. I have a rule of AT LEAST 1 bottle of fluid/hour no matter what the workout is. So, a minimum of 16-24 oz., depending on how heavily you sweat. You will also find a variety of electrolyte drinks with calories. The importance here is how YOUR gut digests them and the osmolarity at which they are taken into your system. For me, because I am a heavy sweater, I prefer to hydrate with a higher-concentration electrolyte system and pair it with additional sodium if needed, depending on the weather conditions or how long my training session or race is.

Finally, post-workout, it’s best to have a carb- and protein-rich snack within 30-45 minutes if you do not have a meal planned for that time period. This will help aid the recovery process and facilitate glycogen repletion. Klean Recovery™ by Klean Athlete is one of my favorites and is convenient to carry with me and use as needed by mixing with just water! This post-workout snack becomes particularly important if you have another training session in the afternoon or your training schedule calls for several consecutive sessions in a row. Some of my other go-to goodies to keep my engine primed include Klean Isolate™ (I add one scoop to my oatmeal every morning!), Klean Multivitamin™ to keep my immune strong and foundation nutrition in check, and, finally, an 8-oz. bottle of tart cherry juice and a Klean Omega™ before I go to bed to support my cardiovascular, neurological and joint health needs.

Before, during, and post-workout nutrition is only part of the equation. “You are what you eat,” so be sure to continue to get a balanced diet of lean proteins, wholesome vegetables and fruits, and healthy fats all day long. You will probably find that not only do you feel better, but your pants fit better, and you are performing more consistently and at a higher level.


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