Part 2: Top 10 Reasons HSP Uses Klean Athlete

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Part 2: Top 10 Reasons HSP Uses Klean Athlete

Guest Blog by Klean Affiliate Partners Todd Harriott & David Richter – Sponsored Athletes

There’s nothing more fun than compiling a top 10 list.  Todd & I sat down and came up with our top 10 reasons we love Klean Athlete at HSP. I promise Stairway to Heaven will not make the list.

10) Designed for athletes.  I remember looking for the right multivitamin & trying everything from kids chews to old man to pregnant lady multis.  None of those were designed with the athlete in mind.

9) Industry credibility & experience.  Or like I Iike to say, street cred.  There is always someone in the cycling race peloton who is the unspoken, unofficial leader of the group.  We refer to this person as the patron, or boss.  This person is not only a decorated rider, but experienced.  He’s the shot caller, so when there is a group decision to be made, they look to the patron.  Klean Athlete is made by Douglas Labs, which has over 50 years of industry leading experience…the patron.

8) State of the art manufacturing facility.  Klean Athlete surpasses every regulation you can imagine.  They have more accreditations than a 4-star general.  They take the time, energy & money to instill confidence that their product is sound.

7) Vegans love ‘em.  No gluten, soy or yeast and low allergenicity.  Wow, Klean Athlete is the first step towards world peace.

6) Research.  Klean Athlete is always looking to improve existing products & come up with new products that work for athletes.  Athlete recovery is vital.  And we needed a product that worked easy with the travel needs of our athletes.  When you’re on the road, or right after a competition, you don’t always have the time or luxury of mixing a recovery smoothie.  Klean Athlete developed a great product to fit our needs…Klean Recovery!  Just add water & recover.

5) Fish oil!  Not only does Klean Recovery contain fish protein, but Klean has Klean Omega.  It’s tough to find a good fish oil supplement.  I’m a bit of a fish oil snob, and have ended my continued search for the best fish oil with Klean Omega.  So get your EPA/DHA-on.

4) They keep you sharp.  Or at least, give you a chance.  Klean Cognitive has all the best brain foods to keep you on track & to make snap decisions when it counts. I pop a couple in the morning & just wait for any trivia questions or snap decisions to be made. No problem.

3) Ribose!  Klean Athlete addresses the athlete’s instant energy department with Klean Endurance.  The D-Ribose chewable tablets provide instant energy & taste great.  In the heat of competition when I chew one up, I feel like I just received a Scooby Snack!

2) Support.  The team at Klean is always there to answer questions & keep us up to date on what’s going on in the world of sports nutrition.  The website is easy to navigate, to the point & you always get what you need.  Klean supports our quest to develop young athletes & educate them on the proper fueling of their bodies.  Klean Athlete’s direct involvement with our U-23 squad has been a huge success.

1) NSF Certified for Sport.  As a professional athlete, you need to think about every supplement you take before you take it.  Klean Athlete products are NSF Certified for Sport, which means that they have gone through the most strict certification to ensure everything that is in the products are listed & it is guaranteed free of any banned substances.  This gives every athlete the confidence that Klean is clean.

Thanks, Klean Athlete!

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Todd Herriott (left) – Hagens Berman U-23 Team Manager, Herriott Sports Performance Co-Owner, Founder & Coach. Retired professional cyclist.

David Richter (right) – Hagens Berman U-23 Sports Director, Co-Owner of Herriott Sports Performance & Coach. David is a retired professional cyclist who you can still find racing in the North West and is the reigning BARR Champion.

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