Part 1: The Road Race

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Part 1: The Road Race

Guest Blog by Klean Affiliate Partner David Richter – Sponsored Athlete

Beginning this month, we will be featuring a three part blog series with David Richter and Todd Herriott of HSP Seattle and the Klean Athlete sponsored Hagens Berman U 23 Development Cycling Program.

“What do I need to take (supplement) for a cycling event?” That is the question I get from many athletes.  The question that seems to follow is, “when?”  The answer is not always the same.

It seems that many of us have been programed to think that everything is equal and happens the same, all the time.  The efforts in cycling differ from track cycling to mountain biking to road cycling to cyclocross. Even within a specific group, the demands are very different.  A cross country mountain biker has very different efforts than a downhill or enduro mountain biker.  As director of the Hagens Berman Cycling Program, I have first-hand experience seeing the unique demands of a professional road cyclist.

There have been many situations this season where nutrition is not so straight forward.

A one-day road race we did seemed pretty straight-forward, but 100-degree temperatures for 100 miles, made things tough.  The obvious challenge was getting enough fluid to the riders, those familiar with the way caravan works know this makes for an extremely busy and stressful day for the team car.  You can only feed your riders when the officials give you the ok over the radio.  Then you must return to your assigned position in the caravan.  Getting from your position in the caravan to the front is a big challenge because you are dodging riders, officials, media, neutral support, medics, police and other team vehicles.  As soon as you get back into your assigned position, you are called up again.  Then you run out of bottles and have to arrange a rendezvous with your team to fill your coolers… then catch back up to the caravan.  I admit that driving at the needed pace to do this in a timely fashion is the most fun of the day for me.

Generally, I’d have my riders take a Klean Electrolyte pill before and one after a long road race.  But this 100+ degree day made things different.  We needed to replace the riders lost electrolytes, and giving the guys a bottle of pills is not very convenient.

So I had my mechanic open a couple of Klean Electrolytes pills into each water bottle.  I believe this saved our riders in the peloton…

but we had another challenge.  We had a rider in the breakaway most of the race.  So we were shuttling between the pack and the breakaway to service our riders.  The breakaway was several minutes ahead of the pack (more fast driving in the team car) and our rider was working much harder to maintain the gap in the small group over the large peloton.  We made sure that our rider in the break received the same electrolyte treatment in his water bottles.  We also were able to hand-off ice socks to our rider in the break.  An ice sock is simply a nylon sock filled with ice that the rider can put down his jersey to keep his core temp cool.  Our rider was able to maintain in front of the peloton in the finale.  All of our riders took a couple Klean Endurance tablets at the start of the race…but nearly four hours had passed and over a dozen water bottles and much sweat in between.

So the last time we fed our rider in the break, we gave him 3 Klean Endurance tabs.

Instant energy of D-Ribose after a tough day can make the difference.

To go along with the normal Klean Recovery sachet, I had all the riders take a couple extra Klean Electrolyte tabs to combat the taxing hot day.

The Hagens Berman U-23 roster is made up of select riders ages 16-23. Many of the riders are currently a part of the USA Cycling national team pool and already have European racing experience.  This program works in conjunction with USA Cycling to provide our riders with opportunities to race with the national team throughout the year- an experience that can change a young rider’s life forever.

Todd Herriott (left) – Hagens Berman U-23 Team Manager, Herriott Sports Performance Co-Owner, Founder & Coach. Retired professional cyclist.

David Richter (right) – Hagens Berman U-23 Sports Director, Co-Owner of Herriott Sports Performance & Coach. David is a retired professional cyclist who you can still find racing in the North West and is the reigning BARR Champion.

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