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New Beginnings

If you live in Texas, the season has kicked off in earnest with some incredibly warm weather, bright sun and a plethora of new athletes doing their first triathlons or Ironman races.

I have always loved this time of year because everyone comes out with a clean slate. Along with that clean slate are new goals where we reach for new levels.  Everyone might be a bit heavier on the bike (that would be me), but you still go out on Saturday with past glory on the mind and a visualization of new conquest.

Bottom line, it is a New Year, and time for a new beginning.

During the beginning of every new season, it is imperative to start thinking long term about your immune system.   A good place to start (since we’re talking about new beginnings) is by caring for your gut.

I try to always incorporate probiotics into my supplement routine.  In January, I add in a little more then in the off-season.  I find the holidays and the winter slow down has me eating a few too many processed foods and I often spend a lot of time traveling.   A good probiotic formula will help build back your intestinal flora and the healthy bacteria your gut needs to support your 2013 conquests.

Not only do probiotics help boost your immune system by balancing gut bacteria, taking probiotics on a daily basis can help you absorb the nutrients needed for your best possible performance and keep you running on a full tank!

So give your gut a new beginning, build back that immune system and healthy gut flora with a good probiotic.  By late summer, having a healthy immune system can make a big difference.  Starting that process now and staying consistent through out the year can help get you to the starting line for your A race and help you to achieve that goal (whatever it may be!) you are visualizing on your rides in January.

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