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Meet Tyler Williams Professional Cyclist

I am Tyler Williams. I am 22 years old and living my dream as a professional athlete. I am currently living on two continents, spending about six months of the year in Girona, Spain, and at home in Santa Rosa, California. I began racing bicycles at 14 and have been racing in Europe for seven years. From the age of 16-21, I raced with the USA National Team in Europe, and am a alumni of the prestigious Axeon Hagens-Berman program. October 2016 was a milestone month: I not only married my best friend, but also signed my first true professional continental contract.

My cycling career thus far has been full of a lot of incredible experiences. I have been part of a lot of great teams and programs that have allowed me to accelerate my development as both an athlete and as a person. 2014 may have been my best year so far: I finished second in U23 Paris-Roubaix and won a king of the mountains jersey in Tour de la Province de Namur. That same year I made my first World Championship team. Another career highlight was competing in my second Worlds on home soil in Richmond, Virginia in 2015.


Now I am racing in Europe full-time with the newly formed Israel Cycling Academy Professional Continental team. It has been a big jump in racing level from U23 and high-level amateur racing to full-time professional racing, but I am now getting to compete in races I have been dreaming of my whole life, and racing against people I’ve long admired, which is one of the most satisfying feelings I’ve ever had. Actually, it’s even more than satisfying; it’s motivating, because now I have to step up a level and try to really compete against the best and beat them. My schedule this year had me racing all over Europe, as well as Asia and a stint in North America at Tour of Utah and Tour of Colorado.

When competing at such a high level in sport, you must look at the minor changes that can help you improve. Klean Athlete allows me to compete clean while making sure that I am supplementing my body with what it needs in order to keep up with the demands I am putting on it. There are many ways to make improvements through nutrition, and being partnered with a company that you can trust is providing only the highest-quality products and looking out for both your health and your career is an invaluable thing in my opinion.

Being an athlete may not always be the most healthy lifestyle. It is easy to find yourself taking care of only the things you need to perform, and less about being a functional human being. But it is important to give your body everything it needs to support what you are asking of yourself. Being a healthy person should be a priority to all athletes. Health can mean a lot of things, but for me, it means being a functional human being and taking care of your body. Making sure your body is functioning properly as a human as well as athletically means not only doing functional maintenance exercise, but also eating healthy and consuming proper nutrition to allow your body to maintain health. Whether or not you are an athlete, keeping yourself balanced as a person with proper diet, rest and exercise is the key to health.

Klean Athlete provides many supplements to support the overall health of your body. My personal favorite is Klean Probiotic™, because, it is said, your health and immune system begins in your gut. Supplementing with such a high-quality probiotic assures me that I am not cutting any corners with that aspect of my health.

You can follow Tyler Williams on Twitter and Instagram.
Twitter: @TylerWcycling
Instagram: @twcycling


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