Meet Scott Heineman: Professional Baseball Player and Sponsored Klean Team Athlete 

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Meet Scott Heineman: Professional Baseball Player and Sponsored Klean Team Athlete 

Growing up in Southern California, baseball was always a year-round affair. My older brother Tyler, who also plays professional baseball, and I were constantly hitting in the cage, practicing fielding and playing games. While our friends that played other sports had a set season and offseason, Tyler and I rarely experienced a true offseason. With summer ball, fall ball and winter workouts and scrimmages, baseball was, and still is, a year-round grind.

As a kid, I just went out and played with my friends. It wasn’t until I started thinking I could play in college that I started really thinking about what I was putting into my body. The differences between being a starter on your high school team, a D1 ballplayer, and a professional is crazy. There are so many good players out there that the difference starts to become how well you do the little things. Whether it’s the fundamentals in your fielding, the way you prepare before an at bat, or your offseason training, every little thing counts.


When I was at the University of Oregon, I had to have two season-ending surgeries. I started to reevaluate the way I prepared for the season. While my injuries weren’t directly related to my preparation, changing my training regimen and diet couldn’t hurt. While you can’t prevent all injuries, you can equip yourself  with the tools your body needs to maximize its potential. I’m a part of the Klean Athlete team because their supplements put me in the best position to succeed. I am a Klean Athlete because in order to perform at my best, I can only put the best products into my body. Klean Athlete® offers high quality NSF Certified for Sport® dietary supplements which provide me with the fuel I need to be the best athlete I can be.

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