Meet Matt Scott: Professional Wheelchair Basketball Player and 2017 Sponsored Klean Team Athlete

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Meet Matt Scott: Professional Wheelchair Basketball Player and 2017 Sponsored Klean Team Athlete

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Matt Scott is passionate, driven, and relentless: all qualities that ensured him a gold medal atop the podium at the 2016 Rio Paralympic games in wheelchair basketball. As a 4x Paralympian, Matt has a strong desire to be an ambassador for his sport, and highlight the true athleticism it takes to compete at the highest level of wheelchair basketball. His athletic resume speaks for itself. He’s been featured in popular sports magazines such as DIME Magazine®, Men’s Fitness®, and SLAM Magazine®. The 2008 ESPY® nominee was also the star of Nike®‘s nationwide “No Excuse” Campaign in a groundbreaking television advertisement. His impressive skills on the court have made him an internet sensation, with his videos gathering millions of views worldwide. Dominant speed, power, and overall athleticism have been the cornerstones of his success on the court.

We’re excited to welcome Matt to our 2017 sponsored Klean Team and to team up this season. Here’s Matt’s story.

Just like any kid with a dream and a Jordan poster, I always wanted to be a professional athlete. I’ve played basketball since I was old enough to dribble a ball. In fact I can’t remember a time that I didn’t love it. I grew up playing with my able-bodied friends and was actually very reluctant to try wheelchair basketball because I hadn’t actually seen it. I had a negative thought about it right away and dismissed the idea of playing because I thought it would be more charitable then competitive and, for lack of a better word, un-athletic.

I was completely wrong! I came to my first practice at the age of 14 and saw how much skill and passion the players had. I witnessed for myself what sort of dedication it takes to play the game at a high level, and the competition is intense. Ever since that day I knew not only that I wanted to play wheelchair basketball, but that I wanted to be the best. I made my first national team at the age of 18 and have competed in the last four Paralympic games, the last of which saw us bring home a gold medal from Rio. I also played four years at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, where I studied sociology.

I’m currently playing abroad in the Italian league for a team called GSD Porto Torres. My first year playing professionally was 2008 and I have played professionally each year consecutively until now in multiple countries. I have always felt that I have a strong gift to show the world the true ability in my sport and I feel sense of responsibility to be an ambassador for wheelchair basketball, highlighting our talents and strengths.

I am a Klean Athlete because my career represents competing at the highest level, and doing so with high performance standards and integrity. Klean Athlete® stands behind me on that, and provides me with the nutritional foundation I need in order to train, and compete to the best of my ability all season long. I’ve decided to partner with Klean Athlete® due to their commitment of providing safe, banned-substance free, and effective fuel in order to promote an overall healthy lifestyle.

My favorite Klean Athlete® product is Klean Multivitamin™. It ensures that I am getting my daily requirements of vitamins and minerals needed to give it my all each day. I look forward to sharing my journey this season!

Career Highlights:

  • Four-time Paralympian (2004-present)
  • Paralympic Gold medalist
  • World championships “All world” Team honors
  • ESPY Nominee “Best Male athlete with a disability”
  • Multiple European championships competing abroad professionally
  • Current Team: GSD Porto Torres (Sardinia, Italy)


You can follow Matt on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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