Meet Mandy Marquardt: Track Cyclist and 2017 Sponsored Klean Team Athlete

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Meet Mandy Marquardt: Track Cyclist and 2017 Sponsored Klean Team Athlete

Photo credit: David Bracetty Photography

We’re proud to introduce Mandy Marquardt, one of the newest athletes to join our 2017 sponsored Klean Team! Mandy began cycling at 10 years old, competing in endurance road and track events. At the age of 16, she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. By effectively balancing racing and nutrition with diabetes management, Marquardt refuses to let diabetes stop her from fulfilling her dreams.

In 2013, Marquardt made the switch over to track sprinting, and is currently one of the top female sprinters in the United States. With years of balancing education and cycling, Marquardt graduated in 2014 from The Pennsylvania State University. Marquardt is currently the Cycling Coach for The Pennsylvania State University – Lehigh Valley campus. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and mentoring riders, as well as focusing on track cycling full-time for the United States, and a global all-diabetes team of cyclists, triathletes, and runners, spearheaded by the world’s first all-diabetes men’s professional cycling team.

Marquardt is a 11-time U.S. National Champion and Olympic hopeful, and a great asset to the sport. “I enjoy giving back to the sport by mentoring and coaching athletes at the collegiate level, as well as inspiring people affected by diabetes, that you can still pursue your dreams.”

I’m a 25-year-old track cyclist specializing in sprint events. I’m an 11-time National Champion, Pan American bronze medalist in the Team Sprint and current 2-time U.S. National Record Holder in the 500m Time Trial and Team Sprint. I was named to the 2016 Olympic Long Team and have represented the United States at the 2014/2015 and 2016/2017 UCI Track World Cups across the globe. I’m currently training to make the 2020 U.S. Olympic Team.

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was 16. #RacingWithDiabetes has not stopped me from pursuing my dreams, and I display that hash tag on the top tube of my track bike because it is who I am. It offers me the platform to spread a powerful message, and to inspire and empower young women and the diabetes community to never give up.

When I was younger, I was a competitive swimmer, tennis player, triathlete, and ran cross-country and track and field throughout school. I began cycling in 2003 when I was 10 years old, competing in endurance road and track events at the Brian Piccolo Sports Park and Velodrome in Cooper City, Florida, and riding with the local 6 a.m. group road rides. In my first year racing, I won two Junior National Road titles (Time Trial and Criterium), and I was hooked.

I have and will always believe in competing with integrity. As an elite level athlete competing on the world stage, I am not only a representation of myself, but also the sport of cycling, my country, my team and sponsors. Klean Athlete is a great organization and I stand behind them – I’m honored to be part of the Klean Team!

Klean Athlete supports the mission to train and compete clean, delivering effective and trusted clean nutritional products. As an athlete who is part of the United States Anti-Doping Agency Testing Pool (when you become a national champion and represent the U.S., it is protocol to be in the pool), I am subject to testing anytime, in or out of competition. It is crucial that I’m aware of everything I put in my body, and Klean Athlete’s NSF Certified for Sport® certification gives me this peace of mind.

My favorite Klean Athlete products (not in any particular order because they’re all awesome) are: Klean-D™, Klean Recovery™ and Klean Creatine.

I live in Pennsylvania and travel for competition most of the winter, so my exposure to natural sunlight is often limited. I regularly get my blood work done and my doctor noticed that my Vitamin D levels were low. After a couple months of taking Klean-D™, they were back in good range!

As for my favorite post-workout recovery drink, I mix part water and part milk with my Klean Recovery™, and it tastes delicious! I’ll usually add in a scoop of Klean Creatine, since it’s the best way to get everything I need in one bottle.

You can follow Mandy on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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