Meet Logan Owen: Blog by Logan Owen, Sponsored Axeon Hagens Berman cyclist

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Meet Logan Owen: Blog by Logan Owen, Sponsored Axeon Hagens Berman cyclist

Photo credit: © Davey Wilson

In the book of history of the Axeon Hagens Berman Cycling Team, Logan Owen’s name is centered on page 1.

That’s because the 21-year-old native of Bremerton, Washington has scored some of the team’s biggest results in its nine short years of existence.

Owen burst onto the scene in 2015 when he won Stage 3 of the Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah. That victory – in one of America’s premier cycling events – immediately stamped the development team as a serious contender against some of the world’s top teams.

He followed that up with an impressive solo victory last year in one of Europe’s biggest races for riders younger than 23. This time, it was in a challenging and wet Belgian classic, Liège–Bastogne–Liège Espoirs. Then, a few weeks ago, he jump-started his final season with a stage win in Portugal at Volta ao Alentejo, followed by the “King of the Mountains” title earlier this month at another Portuguese race, Clássica da Arrábida.

And all along that path to success and achievement, the constant for him has been Klean Athlete®.

“I have been using it every day,” Owen said as he sat down to lunch after a three-hour training ride in Portugal. “I use the Klean Multivitamin™ and the Klean Omega™ gel capsule basically every day to keep myself healthy and ready to perform, which was especially important as we headed into our first races of the season.

In his first three years with the team, Owen doubled as a world-class competitor in cyclocross, a sport that combines bike riding with elements of steeplechase on courses that include both pavement and dirt – and sometimes sand. After winning 10 consecutive U.S. national cyclocross titles, he decided to skip the 2016 season to concentrate on road cycling.

“I wanted to focus on making myself a better all-around bike racer,” he said. “I have been using the Klean Isolate™ with whey protein. First I would do a ride, then come home and do some lifting, working on my legs and gluteus. Following that, I would use the Isolate to help build extra muscle for better stability. I almost want to make myself into a bullet-proof type of rider.”

The work seems to be paying off. In his pair of successes in races this season, Owen has almost made it look easy. His victory in Portugal came in a two-up sprint against one of the top riders on the No. 1 team on the WorldTour circuit. His king of the mountains honor came on a day when he was not feeling 100 percent, but still spent more than 140 kilometers (nearly 90 miles) at the front of the race.

“Looking back on those races, it almost felt easy. I felt so good,” he said. “It was like everything was going in slow motion. I felt like I could do just about anything I wanted to at the finish of my stage win at Volta ao Alentejo.”

And along with the trophies and podium ceremonies comes another post-race routine: a delicious bottle of milk chocolate-flavored Klean Recovery™.

“Post-race, I use it all the time,” Owen said. “The longer and harder the race is, the better it is for us and the entire team to make sure our bodies have the nutrition to help refuel. I think that attests to how successful we are later in multi-day races.

Owen said he considers Klean Athlete® products to be “a bit of a secret weapon” to his success.

“It is the best stuff on the market when it comes to nutritional supplements,” he said. “Plus, it gives you a good peace of mind thanks to being NSF Certified for Sport. You are never left wondering if there is something that is going to show up at a doping control. It is the purest stuff out there.”

So what is left for him to accomplish?

“I would like to win as many races as possible and help the team to do as well as possible,” he said. “I want us to have a great year, being it is my last season on this level. So I am hoping to make the most of it and help get the team as many wins as possible.”


You can follow Logan on Twitter, Instagram and his website.
Twitter: @logansowen
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