Meet Jarryd Wallace: Sponsored Klean Team Athlete and Track and Field paralympian

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Meet Jarryd Wallace: Sponsored Klean Team Athlete and Track and Field paralympian

What’s up, Klean Athlete world? My name is Jarryd Wallace and I am a 4x World Record Holder and 3x World Champion for the US paralympic Team. My events are the 100m (10.71), 200m (21.83), and 4x100m relay (40.73 WR). Being a paralympian simply means that I have a physical disability of some sort. For me, I lost my leg below the knee when I was 20 years old. This was a pivotal moment in my life. I had to choose if I was going to let the loss of my leg define me, or if I was going to look at it as an opportunity – a second chance, even. Thankfully I chose that latter. As a paralympian, I focus more on my abilities than disability. Yes, there are challenges at times, but those challenges are what make me a better person, athlete, friend, husband, and, I hope one day, father.

As a veteran in the world of paralympic track and field, I have come to see the importance of a consistent and healthy lifestyle. This involves everything from my schedule, my nutrition, my training, and yes, my supplements. I use supplements as “gap fillers” in my day to make sure that I know my body is getting all the nutrition it needs to perform at the highest level. I learned early on that supplements are there not to transform me as an athlete, but rather to complete me as an athlete. This is where Klean Athlete really comes into play. Priority number one for me is that the products MUST be safe, and Klean Athlete gives me total piece of mind. Beyond that, I am a “less is more” kind of guy. I want the supplements I consume to follow this philosophy and Klean Athlete does just that. The product line is concise, sharp, and effective. It gives me exactly what I need – nothing more, and nothing less.

Klean Athletes is the no-B.S. provider of supplements – if you don’t believe me, just look at what goes into the products.

I am a Klean Athlete because, as a veteran in my sport, I have learned that training smarter produces greater and more consistent results than training harder. I’ve finally found a product that lives by the same rules! I look forward to continuing to share my athletic journey with you!

Who is Jarryd Wallace?
Jarryd Wallace is a paralympic sprinter and a member of the 2012 and 2016 USA paralympic teams. Jarryd has set four World Records and has won nine Gold Medals in global competitions.

A high school track star who earned an athletic scholarship to compete for the Division 1 University of Georgia, Jarryd’s pursuit of world-class athletics took a detour at age 18 when he was diagnosed with Compartment Syndrome. In what should have been his first year as a Division 1 athlete, Jarryd faced the difficult decision of amputating his own leg.

While most people saw tragedy, Jarryd came to understand his circumstances in different terms. Jarryd views life as a process of discovering one’s own potential. This potential is not defined by stopwatches, gold medals or financial windfalls. Instead, it is the spirit of living life to the fullest regardless of challenging circumstances.

On his amazing journey, the words Jarryd has come to live by are “My body is as able as my mind is willing.”

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