Meet Adam Henrique: Professional Hockey Player, 2017 Klean Team Sponsored Athlete

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Meet Adam Henrique: Professional Hockey Player, 2017 Klean Team Sponsored Athlete

We’re excited and proud to welcome Adam Henrique, professional hockey player, as one of the newest members of our sponsored Klean Team. Adam is a Canadian professional hockey player and alternate captain. He grew up in Burford, Ontario and began playing hockey as a young boy with dreams to become a professional athlete. The following is the first of a series of blog entries we will feature from Adam, as we follow him this season and support his journey as a professional hockey player. 

My name is Adam Henrique and I am proud and honored to be a member of the 2017 Klean Team. As any professional athlete will tell you, competing day in and day out at the highest level is much easier said than done. We are always looking for an edge, whether it be in the form of a new training regimen, innovative new gear or a new nutritional product. I am fortunate enough to have teamed up with Klean Athlete® Nutritional Supplements to help me maintain and improve in all aspects of my health, well-being and athletic performance. I am eager to share my journey with you all and encourage all athletes to train Klean with me!

I’m proud to be doing what every young Canadian boy dreams of: playing professional hockey in the NHL. I am currently in my seventh season with the New Jersey Devils and loving every step along the way.

Growing up a little over an hour outside of Toronto, which is Canada’s largest city, I began playing hockey at a very young age of 4. I was determined, even when I was young, to compete and become the best hockey player I could. I traveled all over Toronto and the province of Ontario playing minor hockey, and I was hooked. By the time I was 16, I was drafted to the Windsor Spitfires of the OHL, and it was then that I really started to realize my potential and began to see value in taking care of myself off the ice, through proper training and diet.

In 2008, when I was 18, I entered the NHL Draft and was selected in the third round by the Devils. It wasn’t until 2011 that I made my NHL debut and quickly learned how hard it is to successfully manage late nights, extensive travel, and the overall intensity of this sport.

Now in my seventh NHL season, marked by countless ups and downs, I have decided to partner with Klean Athlete® because of the high quality of their nutritional products and the critical fact that all Klean Athlete® products are NSF Certified for Sport. I am a Klean Athlete because with all of the stress put on my body over the course of a long season, Klean helps me to keep my body competing at the highest level at all times. Knowing I am using the safest products available gives me the peace of mind to solely focus on each training session and game. With all of the travel, late nights and intensity of each game, I have found it crucial to fuel my body with only the most trusted and safe products available, and I can rest assured that Klean is my trusted partner in this regard.


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