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I Took the Oath

I am a Klean Athlete.
I am not an elite athlete. I am not the fastest athlete. I am an Ironman.

I decided to become a runner over 15 years ago and it actually took me a year to purchase my first real pair or sneakers back then. I was signed up for the Quebec City 10k and it was going to be EPIC. Little did I know that years later I was going to compete in the ‘Super Bowl’ of endurance events by finally pressing the Register Now button. The Ironman race in Arizona was my “Turning 40-44” gift to myself. Funny how my age has become an age-group over the years now.

I embraced a challenging journey; the highs and lows of training mixed with life, moving and an injury in the Mid-Atlantic region where road/weather conditions are less than ideal, and a forever Winter. It was going to be tough. As the saying goes: If it were easy…

It is a choice. A lifestyle choice, because I know that I obviously can, if I simply believe it and most importantly, because of my intense & passion driven personality and my ‘All or Nothing’ mantra. It is my fuel. Ironman Arizona 2012 will forever be my perfect first IM finish line. I often go back to the finish chute when I need to re-live it to super charge. No one can take that away from me. Ever.

I have come to believe that an event/commitment like an Ironman race is a decision not only based on wanting to be fit. I can say with firm conviction that the act of believing and confidence from within are the elements of success. Believing. It is self power and just truly knowing that I can do anything against my only competitors out there: Me. My thoughts. That commitment alone defines me as an athlete.

A healthy lifestyle is key and it is not come race week that I want to deal with low energy, a run-down immune system and get sick. As an athlete, I am frantic about germs at race expos! Are you with me on this one? Building immunity and overall solid health foundation is not a last minute thing. It is a daily lifestyle decision to build and maintain healthy core system functionalities and to have the desire to put all of the chances in your favor just like you build the rest of your training, family life, career.

The Klean Athlete product line gives me a doubt-less mindset and I know that my bases are covered fundamentally. I train hard. Recover well and can go hard again sooner with quality filled workouts with great product support.

Believeness. That is my keyword. Keep the focus on the prize. Respecting the athletic commitment (anything you really want) defines you as a person, the person you say you are, and the person that you aspire to be. Learned that one off the beaten path… Trust me. Walk & RUN the talk.

What’s next?
Kona. One day. I promise.

Ironman 70.3 World Championship qualification
A bit short notice but… Would love to qualify in Austin for Worlds to be held home in Mt Tremblant in 2014. Can I do it?

I am a Klean Athlete. Are you?

Commit to healthy living for your & your family. Take the Klean Oath today!

Nancy Murray is a Klean Athlete, an Ironman Triathlete, 70.3 distance podium finisher, USA Triathlon National Championship Qualifier 2013 and 3x Boston Marathon qualifier\finisher. Single mom of two mini in the 5-9 age-group!
Klean Athlete • Marketing Consultant
Twitter @LaComete


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