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Getting to Know Balázs Csőke

Featuring Balazs Csoke, Klean Team USA Ambassador – Sponsored Athlete

Today’s post is a little different then what you may be used to from Klean Athlete. We had the chance to talk with professional triathlete, Balázs Csőke on his 2013 race season and the up-coming IM New Zealand. Check out what he has to say about training, this weekend’s race and his go-to meals!


Q: How are you feeling about your training and fitness at the start of your race season?

A: I feel great, thank you. I was able to train a nice 8 weeks in Texas without any traveling or interruption.  I did a Half Ironman 4 weeks ago in Panama, where I had some mechanical issues on the bike, but I saw and ran very well, so it showed my fitness is right at the point where I want it.  I had to travel back to Europe a bit after that due to some via issues but I did all the training I planned before even. It was not always easy while I was dealing with jet lag.

The travel was long but smooth to New Zealand. Now the last couple of days are just about relaxing.  The work’s done, now its showtime!

Q: How have you incorporated Klean Athlete into your training and nutrition plan?

A: I use Klean Multivitamin every day, as it’s very important to get all of the vitamins.  But my favorite is Klean Isolate.  Taking enough protein is the key factor to recover after every training session.  I use it mostly twice a day, once after my hardest workout that day, and just before I go to bed.


Q: In evaluating the IM New Zealand course, what opportunities do you see to gain time over your competitors?

A: It is always hard to say anything before an Ironman race.  There are multiple Olympic Games medalists, World Champions, Ironman Champions in the field.  I think there are at least 6 guys who can win the race and about 15 who can shoot for a podium.

It is almost impossible to bet who is going to win.  Ironman is such a long day and here really anything is possible. For me the most important is to say at my own pace during the bike, not push it too much, to save my legs for the run.  Usually the second half of the run is where the real race happens. And we reach that point around 7 hours of racing.  So being patient and staying controlled is the most important for me.

If I can do that I’m sure that would lead me to a solid finish.


Q: How do you feel about your early season chances?

A: As my main priority this year, to qualify again for the World Championship as a professional athlete, my main goal at this race is to collect some good points for the World Ranking.  The best 50 triathletes can race at Hawaii in October and we have to race 3 Ironman races until the end of summer.

Even a win at a race does not guarantee a spot there.  I would be happy if I can finish continuously in the top 6, as that would give me a chance to race at the biggest triathlon event, at the World. For sure it is not going to be easy, as there are more than 500 professionals that are trying to get to the start line in Hawaii.


Q: What are favorite pre/post workout meals?

A: I usually do not eat 2 hours before any workout but before that I make sure to enough carbs and protein, so a pizza or some pasta is probably my favorite meal.  After workout, protein is my number 1 priority.  I love to make a smoothie with 3 scoops of Klean Isolate, banana, strawberry and some milk. This always makes me feel better!


Best of luck at IM New Zealand from the Klean Athlete team!


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