From Farm Roads to Wood Planks – Get to know Sponsored Cyclist Ashton Lambie

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From Farm Roads to Wood Planks – Get to know Sponsored Cyclist Ashton Lambie

My name is Ashton Lambie, and I’m excited to be a part of the Klean Athlete family. I was born and raised in Nebraska, where I’ve been riding bikes since I was 15 years old. At that time, I started off doing long Ultra-distance and gravel events on the farm roads around the Midwest, but rose to success after finding the grass track in Lawrence, Kansas.

Since 2016, and that first track ride in a field, I’ve ridden to five Track national championships, joined the USA Cycling Men’s National Team, set a world record, and had a few gravel wins along the way. Lifestyle and diet are obviously important to a heavy race schedule. Between gym, track sessions, and road riding, I clock about 20-25 hours/week training!

There are clear benefits to being raised on a farm. When I’m at home I get to eat incredibly well. We grow a lot of fruits and veggies, purchase fresh meat from a local butcher, and bake our own bread every week! Having been raised to appreciate quality food, and pursuing my athletic career, I greatly enjoy having a connection to the food that sustains and fuels a fit lifestyle. On top of good quality food, having supplements is integral to ensure I get the nutrients needed to train properly.

Professional cyclists are tested regularly, so having products and brands that are NSF Certified For Sport® is basically a necessity, not to mention the peace of mind I get when I see the NSF Certified For Sport® logo on the supplements’ labels. We make it a point to keep only natural substances on our farm that make it into our food, and it’s great to find a company who has the same priorities for their supplements!

I’m proud to be part of the Klean Athlete team. Follow along to catch all the excitement that 2020 is sure to bring!

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