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The Solid Athletic Performance is Built on the Foundation of Core Nutrition

By Dr. Stephen Clouthier, D.C.

The foundation of exceptional athletic performance is not what you drink or eat just prior to, during or after your workout or competition. Yes you heard me right! You are probably thinking that I have already lost my nutritional marbles. I can only make this statement after working with numerous elite professional, amateur, college, high school and competitive age group athletes in my practice for the past 15 years. The statement can be made because I have experienced the demand of my nutritional supplementation needs, training for three full Ironman, two half ironman, numerous shorter triathlons, as well as, three open marathons and 4 half marathons over the past two and a half years.

In treating athletes holistically, I believe the only way you can achieve your best athletic performance, is to view the athletic machine as a building that must be built and maintained with care and precision. When we start to look at constructing this performance machine, much like an actual building, we have to start with a solid foundation. I will often ask new athletes to my practice what they are taking to support the foundation of their athletic and performance machine. They rarely will mention a multivitamin when this question is asked but will readily list the numerous performance nutritional potions or pills that promise them the next great result.

As someone who is looking to continually improve my athletic, as well as, nutritional status, both for my patients and myself, the multivitamin must be the center of this plan. It makes no sense to me and never has to have my athletes concentrate heavily on specified race day or competition specific nutrition while neglecting the core nutritional needs and status of a healthy body. With my athletes and in my training, we are using the model of first building a sound nutritional platform from which we can then create a finely tuned competitive superstructure.

As someone who lives this model in my own Ironman and marathon racing, and stresses it to my athletes, I have chosen to use the Klean Multi as my foundational nutritional product. You might ask why and that answer is simple.

  1. NSF certification for Sport: No worries, none, about substances that could cause my athletes any problems with their sports governing bodies.  This certification is highly sought after and requires the highest level of purity and quality control.
  2. Polyphenol blends: This unique mix of fruit and vegetable based antioxidants combats the biggest issues of athletic competition: free radical damage and inflammation. By providing the body with substances that control and minimize free radical damage and inflammation, we minimize physiologic damage to body tissues and allow the body to recover more quickly.
  3. High potency and purity: With so many players in the athletic nutritional maze, the Klean Athlete line has taken the guesswork out of choosing your nutritional supplements. The purity of Klean Multi is unsurpassed in the industry.  The mix of minerals and vitamins has been specifically engineered with the physiologic demands of the competitive athlete in mind, thus combating the energy, inflammation, tissue repair and cardiovascular stress issues that result from intense physical activity.

Looking forward to hearing about your successes during your upcoming competitive season.  Why not consider committing yourself to a sound nutritional foundation and building it around Klean Multi. Let us know the differences you see!


“The winners will, without doubt, be highly talented, highly trained and highly motivated. At one time that would have been enough. But these days it is highly likely that everyone in the race will have these qualities… where everyone else is equal, it is diet that will make the vital difference.”

Scottish sports nutrition scientist Ron Maughan at the starting line of the 1995 World Cross Country Championships.

Learn more about about the NSF Certified for Sport® Program here:

Stephen Clouthier, D.C. is a graduate of New York Chiropractic College where he received the Distinguished Service Award and served in the Gross Anatomy Department. He owns the Alternative Health Center in The Woodlands, TX and is a Level I USAT certified coach, staff coach for Finish Strong Coaching and nutritional doctor for Team Green Adidas.

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