Balázs Csőke on IM Texas

Featuring Balazs Csoke, Klean Team USA Ambassador – Sponsored Athlete

Coming back from the holiday weekend, we had the opportunity to catch up with one of our sponsored athletes, Balázs Csőke. Rested and relaxed, he shared some great insight on 2013 Ironman Texas, what’s ahead this season and how he ended up as professional multisport athlete!

Q: What are you beliefs regarding nutrition? Do you keep a low fat percentage-body weight ratio? How do you stay lean? There are a lot to talks about this lately:
A: I personally believe it is important to have a wide variety when it comes to nutrition. I try to avoid junk food and eat as organic as possible. Yes, I do keep a low fat percentage-body weight ratio. With my training, it is hard to keep weight on.

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Klean Athlete Ironman Part 2

Featuring Balazs Csoke, Klean Team USA Ambassador – Sponsored Athlete

PART 2:  Balazs Csoke, Klean Athlete Sponsored Athlete and friend, gives us a few pointers on how he’s preparing for the upcoming Ironman Championship in Kona, Hawaii.  Leave your questions in the comments and Balazs will respond in another blog post soon!

Q: Looking ahead, what are you next steps to prepare for the championships?

A: I am going to try and focus on what is going to determine if I will have a good race or a bad race. Meaning, the first 15 min of the swim, the first hour on the bike and mile 15-23 on the run. The big part of my training sessions are going to focus on building up strength for these parts of the race. I believe I have a good general fitness and endurance but to be successful at Kona you need to be in outstanding shape and know how to handle critical race situations very well. And that’s not even mentioning being mentally tough and staying very focused every single second throughout the race.

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Klean Athlete Ironman Recap

Klean Athlete Sponsored Athlete, Balazs Csoke, took a few minutes out of his busy training schedule to reflect on his last Ironman in Lake Placid. His fourth and final race, which qualified him for the championships in Kona, Hawaii.

Q: With your last race being a few months ago, how were you feeling for IM Lake Placid?

A: I went into the race very confident about my general endurance. However, I wasn’t sure if I was fit enough to race well. I knew my main goal was to secure my spot for Hawaii, and to do this I had to race very smart. I needed to stay calm throughout the day and try not to leave too much on the course. Ironman is 50%, so self confidence and focusing on the race is critical.

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I Took the Oath

I am a Klean Athlete.
I am not an elite athlete. I am not the fastest athlete. I am an Ironman.

I decided to become a runner over 15 years ago and it actually took me a year to purchase my first real pair or sneakers back then. I was signed up for the Quebec City 10k and it was going to be EPIC. Little did I know that years later I was going to compete in the ‘Super Bowl’ of endurance events by finally pressing the Register Now button. The Ironman race in Arizona was my “Turning 40-44” gift to myself. Funny how my age has become an age-group over the years now.

I embraced a challenging journey; the highs and lows of training mixed with life, moving and an injury in the Mid-Atlantic region where road/weather conditions are less than ideal, and a forever Winter. It was going to be tough. As the saying goes: If it were easy…

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Getting to Know Balázs Csőke

Featuring Balazs Csoke, Klean Team USA Ambassador – Sponsored Athlete

Today’s post is a little different then what you may be used to from Klean Athlete. We had the chance to talk with professional triathlete, Balázs Csőke on his 2013 race season and the up-coming IM New Zealand. Check out what he has to say about training, this weekend’s race and his go-to meals!


Q: How are you feeling about your training and fitness at the start of your race season?

A: I feel great, thank you. I was able to train a nice 8 weeks in Texas without any traveling or interruption.  I did a Half Ironman 4 weeks ago in Panama, where I had some mechanical issues on the bike, but I saw and ran very well, so it showed my fitness is right at the point where I want it.  I had to travel back to Europe a bit after that due to some via issues but I did all the training I planned before even. It was not always easy while I was dealing with jet lag.

The travel was long but smooth to New Zealand. Now the last couple of days are just about relaxing.  The work’s done, now its showtime!

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New Beginnings

If you live in Texas, the season has kicked off in earnest with some incredibly warm weather, bright sun and a plethora of new athletes doing their first triathlons or Ironman races.

I have always loved this time of year because everyone comes out with a clean slate. Along with that clean slate are new goals where we reach for new levels.  Everyone might be a bit heavier on the bike (that would be me), but you still go out on Saturday with past glory on the mind and a visualization of new conquest.

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The Off-Season

I was reminded today from my coach about the importance of a good off-season.  It is not the physical rest that matters but more the mental rest that provides the most return.  So what exactly is mental rest?

To me, the ability to use sports as a diversion from the mental strains of the day, plays a big factor in a healthy lifestyle routine.  However, for the Type A athlete looking to log in workout after workout, this is not always the case. Yes, there is plenty of time during your training where you need to find the zone and be focused.  You recognize that moment when you clock off your interval and relish in the sound of your breathing, your pace and the tingle in your legs.

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Growing Together Charity 5K

Thank you to Nicole Flaherty, Graphics Supervisor and Guest Blogger. Nicole was the Chair of the Growing Together 5K Fun Run. This event raised funds for the Cancer Caring Center of Pittsburgh and the SOS Villages Organization. This event was organized by the employees of Atrium Pittsburgh, Douglas Laboratories and Alcrea-Health. These Pittsburgh based companies are dedicated to giving back to the community through volunteerism and fundraising.

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