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Category 1 Cyclist’s Klean Plan

Klean Team USA Athlete Michael Manning – sponsored athlete, is a licensed bike racer but he is also a USA Cycling Coach. Mike has experienced some injury issues this past year and was only minimally active in the racing scene, but he has another success story to share. One of his athletes, Martin Acosta is a Category 1 racer who moved to Portland from the Bay Area in the early season and began training under Coach Mike’s tutelage. Martin is on the Klean Athlete plan and his race results have been very impressive as shown below. Here is a discussion between coach and athlete:

Manning:  Wow Martin, you have had a great racing season. You have not only had a really busy season, but you have consistently raced well week in and week out. You have been competing at least twice a week since March. Yet you continue to stay in great shape and perform at a top level. What do you think is the key to your success?

Acosta:  Yeah, it has been a really busy season. I usually race every week on Tuesdays at PIR and then again on Sundays at some local road race or criterium. It’s not easy to keep going week after week but I guess I have pretty good genes, and I have to say that smart training plays a major role. It’s more than just endurance training on the bike though. I always work on my sprinting technique since that is my specialty and I have to work on my hill climbing too since there are so many hilly races here in Oregon. But I also do strength training at least twice a week since, as you know, I am not only a bike racer, but also a personal trainer. One of my biggest concerns is over-training. So I really have to focus on recovery days. Of course, recovery is more than just getting good sleep and taking a day off occasionally. It requires good nutritional practices, including quality supplements like Klean Athlete.

Manning: You have been taking the Klean Athlete product line for a few months now. Which products do you like best and how do these help you with your training and racing?

Acosta: I don’t know if I actually have a favorite, especially since I think they all help. Although…

I really like the Endurance tablets. They taste good and I like that it is chewable. I will eat those before every training ride as well as on race days. I feel like it gives me an edge.

I also use the Electrolyte Capsules every day, but I take extra on race days to make sure I do not suffer from muscle cramps.

Manning: What else are you taking?

Acosta: I also use the Recovery powder after every ride. I think that is probably the most important meal of the day for me. In endurance sports like bike racing, recovery is critical. Timing is just as important as ingesting the correct ratio of carbs to protein. You know the ideal blend is a 4:1 ratio like you see in the Recovery drink.

Manning: I believe you are also using some of the daily maintenance supplements as well. Tell us about that.


Yes, I like to take the big picture approach. I take several things each morning before heading out to train.  I take the recommended dosages of the things I do take, which includes the Multivitamin, Antioxidant, Omega, and Cognitive.

The Cognitive product just seems like a cool idea since it is so important to be focused and alert at all times in a race. So anything that can help me there is a part of my plan.

Manning: I agree with you that you have to look at the big picture and that means leaving no stone unturned. And it is greatly to your advantage that Klean Athlete is NSF Certified for Sport so you never have to worry about drug testing. You can focus on training and racing and having fun!

Acosta: Hey… That sounds great to me!


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