Balázs Csőke on 2013 IM Kona

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Balázs Csőke on 2013 IM Kona

Featuring Balazs Csoke, Klean Team USA Ambassador – Sponsored Athlete

Q: How early did you arrive to Kona to get adjusted? What are the weeks prior like? Does your training or nutrition change much?
A: I arrived in Kona two weeks before the race. This gave me enough time to get settled in, get my body adjusted to the time difference and a chance to familiarize myself with the course. I pretty much did the same training I’ve been doing the whole year and using the Klean Athlete products as a part of my daily routine worked so well for me there was no need to change anything for Kona. Using these products played a major role in toe to the line at the World Championship.

Q: It’s great that you felt Klean Athlete made a difference in your training.  Would you mind sharing some of the products and how you used them?
A: I usually do not eat before my first workout in the morning, so I have a big breakfast after that and take two tabs of multivitamin and three antioxidant.  After my second workout, I always drink a smoothie.  I use two scoops of Klean Isolate, mix it with water, milk, honey and fruit.  Right before bed, I drink another protein drink but only with pure water.  I normally take a probiotic and another multivitamin too.  Training in the heat of Texas requires a lot of electrolytes, so I usually take a few caps with me.

Q: You’ve been there before, right? What did you like most about the Big Island?
A: Yes, I’m very fortunate to have been back in Kona for a second time. The Big Island has a way of allowing athletes to realizes their strengths and capitalize on them for a huge advantage but on the other end even the smallest physical or mental weaknesses are apparent here.

Q: Any favorite hot spots from this trip?
A: Because I’m there strictly for the race it doesn’t leave me much time for exploring the island however, I was able to stay in Kona for a couple of days after the race and had the chance to go surfing with some of my fellow athletes and my parents.

Q: The Underpants run looked outrageous this year. Did you participate? We hope they were ‘klean’!
A: Unfortunately, I was unable to participate in the Underpants run this year due to my heavy training schedule. But, I  caught a glimpse of it and next year I’ll definitely make more of an effort to squeeze it into my schedule.

Q: What is something you learned this season and/or at Kona?
A: The biggest lesson for me this year was realizing if I want to be successful in Hawaii it’s not only important to perform at my top level all year but I need to figure out the best possible way to approach the race in Kona. By that I mean, I cannot stick to the same training plans that worked so well for me earlier this season because it ultimately was too much strain on my body. This is definitely something I learned from and will improve upon for next year.
Q: How do you feel the race went for you? Which leg was your favorite?
A: I feel I went into the race very fit however, I was not fresh. From the beginning of the bike ride I realized I was fit but I was missing the power and this is a result of the over training I did leading up to the race. But again, this was a very good learning experience and I learn to respect even the smallest of signs that my body projects.
Q: What’s your next race? And why did you choose it?
A: I’m going to start my season the same as last year which is Ironman New Zealand, the first week in March. This fits well into my schedule because I can take advantage of the winter climate in Texas for training and it’ll be the perfect opportunity to rack up some points early in the year for Kona 2014.

Q: Anything highlights for 2014 already?
A: Besides Kona, I’m excited to race in my hometown for the Ironman Texas race which I am looking forward to finishing on the podium.

Q: What is your ultimate goal in triathlon?
A: It’s very simple, to finish podium at the World Championship!

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